Finished harp session

Today I was pretty much on my own. Started up with the harp client, finishing tracks and then mixing.

The chick’s harp sounded a little different. I started to wonder if my trims were the same as yesterday and while f’ing around with them I accidentally padded one half. The Euphonix console can be so deep with menus and hot keys I couldn’t figure out what the hell I did. The harp player and producer didn’t notice but I was in some trouble… One of two of the mics were working and if this chick nailed a take I’d have to figure out a way to compensate in the mix to make it sound like the other tracks.

Fortunately the harp player was struggling and I finally figured it out and got it working right. Later she did the another take of that tune which was much better… Other than that the session went perfect and the client left happy.

So I’m close to being able to run full sessions with no help. As I find a snag with ProTools (prodrools) or the studio setup, I figure it out. I only like to make mistakes once.
Harp Recording Session