Sub gig tonight

After writing the last post I realized I should have mentioned that my day is only half over. Tonight I’m doing a drum sub gig for a variety band. This’ll be my first time playing with these guys but they’re so tight and play all these tunes so well it will just be like playing along with the original recordings. I’m confident I’ll do fine and these guys will be happy with my performance. The gig is in Deer Valley for some corporate party. Dinner included. Yes, we musicians love free food.

Killer musicians

The regular drummer for this band is one of my best drum friends, and probably one of the top three drummers in the state. The guitar player for this band has been regarded as the best guitar player in the state for years. The key player is one of the best too. The female singer I wonder about. She was not terribly nice to me on the phone when I was doing some web site work for their band. She was mad at me because their band picture had the old female singer from 4 years ago. It wasn’t my fault as I was only working with what they gave me.