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10 reasons I’d pick Cubase over Protools

1. Cubase (or Logic or any other system) costs about a billionth of protools.  But if you really want to be cool, you could pay lots more for a system which does lots less.  Your choice. 2. Cubase (and many

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Why ProTools Sucks #9: Delete key doesn’t delete markers

If you have markers you want to delete in a ProTools project, you can’t just select them and hit delete.  You have to use a pull down menu called “clear marker.” This really sucks.  Let’s say you need to delete

Why ProTools Sucks #8: Can’t select multiple markers

I’m editing this book on CD. It’s a 350 page book where the author has read the entire thing. The author has a speech impediment and screws up constantly. So there are over 3000 markers in this ProTools project, each

Why ProTools sucks #7: ProTools plug-ins cost more

Reason #7 ProTools sucks? Plug-ins cost more. Say you find a plug for VST or other systems which runs around $200. The same exact TDM plug for ProDrools would cost about $500.

Why ProTools sucks #6: Cost per bit

I just converted a session from ProTools to Cubase. I had to convert the files from 24-bit (ProTools) to 32-bit (Cubase). Seems odd I’d have to “upgrade” my audio files to go from an insanely expensive and industry standard system