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Stupid musicians, stupid clients, general dumbasses and things people do that drive me nuts.

How to Hold a Vocal Microphone for Dummies

Band Looking for Studio to Record for Free

I swear not a day went by in my old studio life that I didn’t get a call like this. The bands would always tell me they had x number of buyers ready to buy their CD and when they

Always carry around a bass drum mic, just in case

Last night one of my bands was playing a show in a dive bar.  I was horrified to find that the sound guy had a Sure SM57 microphone for the kick drum.  Anyone who has used even radio shack microphones

Funeral for a not dead friend

Played a strange gig tonight. It was a fundraiser for a guy who is close to dying. He’s on oxygen, 20% lung capacity. He’s broke and the show was intended to raise money for this guy’s funeral. Brutal. 56 This

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News flash: Michael Jackson had lethal levels of drugs in his body… no shit.

I never saw the light with Michael Jackson and his whiny little girl voice. I also don’t see the fascination losers people have about him. The big news today on the front page of is that Michael Jackson had

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