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Stupid musicians, stupid clients, general dumbasses and things people do that drive me nuts.

Recession hits rappers. Be on the lookout for cubic zirconia and iron pyrite bling yo. Obama to socialize hip-hop industry…yo.

The recession is hitting rappers hard.  No more stackin’ bank for these mofos.  Sales of gold and diamond “grillz” are down 60%.  Some hip hop artists are resorting to fake gold and cubic zirconia in their bling and their grillz,

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And I can’t even find my car keys…

Got an email from a client today. “Hey we recorded in your studio back in 1991.  Do you still have our master tapes?” Wow.  And I can’t even find my car keys.

Pandora’s algo needs some tweaking

I listen to Pandora every day.  Lately though I think their algorithm has gone haywire. While listening to the Peter Gabriel channel, Pandora played The Used and The Osmond Boys.  Uh, no.

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Client: “What is the turnaround time on your five business day package?” Me: “Five business days.” Client: “Great thanks.” is mega cool

Man what a cool web site for women called Don’t Date Him Girl @ It is a site for women to write about and rate the bad men they’ve dated. If you want some pure entertainment read some of