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We’re all gear ho’s.

New instrument alert: Eigenharp

Saddened by Louie Bellson death

One of the biggest legends in drumming died a few days ago, Louie Bellson.  Louie was one of the most incredible jazz drummers ever and gave Buddy Rich a run for his money on many occasions. First double bass drum

Do you sing in the shower?

For those who sing in the shower this mic/sponge may be a good idea.

Cool waterproof case

Here’s a blog post about a cool waterproof case made by OtterBox. These are great for storing professional audio or video or small high tech items. An audio engineer could fit several microphones, digital recorders or other stuff in this

broke a 1/2″ piece of steel with my bare hands…

Wow I guess the millions of hits on my kit take their toll. I was setting up for a gig a couple of nights ago and my ride cymbal was a little off alignment. I grabbed it to adjust the