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We’re all gear ho’s.

Who says peeeceees are less expensive than Macs?

Apple just announced the latest rendition of the Mac Pro. For fun, I build the most bad-ass, expanded, upgraded version I could on the Apple web site. Total Cost: $27,340.90

Proper use of a Shure SM58

Lego my bass guitar

I was at the guitar store yesterday when I saw this bass hanging in the repair shop. It’s made out of legos. HOW COOL!

Fun at the drum shop. AKA a drummer in the candy store.

Today I was a drummer, not a sound guy, computer geek or whatever. I was a drummer. It felt good too… Now that I’m back in the gig rotation somewhat it was time to make a trip to the local

Recording a piano conterto

Last weekend I had the pleasure of recording an amazing conert pianist. This lady is a stroke doctor during the day and a pianist on the side. She’s so serious about piano that she flies to New York and even