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Why ProTools Sucks #5 – Tab button doesn’t work in OS file dialogs

In the Mac operating system, hitting the tab key while in an open or save dialog box tabs you through to the filename and highlights it. So say you want to save a new file, you hit save as and

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Why ProTools Sucks #4 – It thinks it owns every drive, and marks its territory like a cat pissing on your carpet

If you have ProTools running (I’m on the Mac OS by the way), hooking up any kind of drive results in a pain in the ass. Let’s say you’re working in a ProTools project and your daughter comes in and

Drummer needs a vacuum

Tonight I just completed the setup for the big double album technical rock band 1.5 month project. Now I know it is likely that some of these band members I’m working with will be reading my journals here, so be

Why ProTools sucks #3: ProTools MIDI implementation sucks

ProTools sucks as a MIDI tool.  The tool set ProTools comes with is a fraction of what other applications have. The worst part I’ve run into is that ProTools demolishes MIDI data when importing it from other applications.  I’ve imported

Why ProTools Sucks

I’ve added a new category: “Why ProTools Sucks.” This section will be where I voice my opinion about Digidesign’s ProTools digital audio recording hardware/software. ProTools has become the industry standard in the recording world. It’s the buzz word everyone always