Figuring out how to get in the rotation

Like I said before, I’ve been a bit frustrated with getting in the rotation and actually “working” gigs in the studio. I’ve been sitting in a lot but not working or making any dough. The owner just works his ass off and doesn’t really offer me gigs. But I’m finding if I just show up he’s more than willing to just turn them over to me. That’s what happened today. It was a harp project, recording for the Suzuki instructional CD’s. He threw me on the console and went in the other room and did paperwork.

I worked that gig with only a couple of hiccups which require me to get help. Once I don’t need any help I’ll be able to do more gigs. That’s very soon. I’m finishing off that project tomorrow, on my own. I should be fine. Just doing some more tracking and mixing down. It will be my first gig in the big studio without my training wheels.