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Dueling piano bar

Went out with some friends tonight to a place I haven’t been to before: The Tavernacle in Salt Lake. It was quite cool. There was a small stage with two pianos. The two piano player/singers had laptops on top of each of their pianos with some kind of huge song database in them. The audience had little request papers on their table and would write their request and bring it up to the stage (along with a couple of bucks). The performers would then perform the requested songs. The cool thing is that if someone in the audience hated the song they could send up a “donation” $1 higher than the request was to stop it. Sometimes people would go back and forth several times to where it cost one guy $10 for them to finish his song.

The bar was packed and all were having a good time. On the way out of the bar they had a dish with some silver items in it that looked like mints or something you’d see on your way out of the restaraunt. Upon closer examination I found that these mints were condoms! When I asked the door man what they were he said they were “after dinner mints.” My wife thought they really were mints and she grabbed a couple…

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