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The “Goth” band Part II (the blood covered murderer)

I wrote about the Goth band earlier in “The Goth Band Part I.”

First of all these Goth guys are really cool. They dress “gothically” with all black and silver. For some strange reason they are all really tall. And they always bring a gallon jug of really cheap wine to the sessions and drink them out of silver chalices.

This particular event occured at approximately 2-3am after a long evening of recording. In case you have NO idea about the recording business, you have a lot of late nights. By “late” I don’t mean 10pm. I mean we watch the sun come up. But I digress…

2-3am we’re doing some mixing or tracking of some sort. Some of the band members went outside to have a smoke as they often do. The smokers come running into the studio with a very scared look on their faces and proceed to tell me they just witnessed a murder. The murderer is burying the body in a large snowbank. At this studio location there was a large parking lot which was used for several businesses. The snow plows always built up a big pile of snow which was about 50 feet outside my studio entrance.

We kill the lights and sneak out the front door and start creeping toward the murder scene. Sure enough, atop a giant snowbank is this guy digging in the snow. Mind you this is in the middle of the winter, 3am. This guy is dressed in a full suit & tie, and he is COVERED WITH BLOOD. The snow too is very bloddy. He’s got his pickup truck lights on so he can see what he is doing.

As I get closer I now realize I KNOW THIS GUY! It is this strange cat named Brian. He owns a used furniture store located a few doors down from my studio. I call out to him and ask what he’s doing. He’s quite calm and seemingly unsuprised that I’m talking to him. “Yeah” he replies as he wipes the blood off his face. “Uhhh, what are you doing???” I ask. He says “oh, I’m burying this deer.”

He proceeds to tell me the story of how he was driving down the freeway when he hit a deer with his pickup truck. But when he pulled over to see the deer it wasn’t dead. It was just dazed and confused, stumbling around. Rather than letting the deer shake it off and go home, he pulls out a 2×4 and proceeds to beat the friggin deer to death. After the deer is dead he throws it into his pickup and heads right for my parking lot. He buries the deer in the big snow bank to preserve it so later he can make deer-jerky out of it. He does all of this in a suit and tie…

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