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In the post “banging your head against the wall” I talked about the two sessions of drum tracks I did with my buddies. Two nights ago we captured the final drum take….Fast forward to today. I ran out of the studio to run some errands but I forgot my checkbook. I walk into the control room and there was “that smell.” (The smell of gear frying). My big computer had an alert window saying that the task I’d assinged it to do had been aborted for an unknown reason. The reason was becasue my external 120GB maxtor hard drive had passed from this earth and gone to computer heaven. When I killed the power to it, the drive was damn near on fire as was the power supply. Check out this close up pic of the drive’s circuit board. See the square chip with the charcoaled bottom? That white part at the bottom of the chip is where it MELTED! I’m writing this post in the studio and it still stinks from the fried drive even after about 7 hours!

The drive is under warranty. The data on the drive however, is not. The entire project I’d just finished tracking the drums for is gone but that’s not all. My entire iTunes library was on that drive. This is a library that took me two years to compile. I backed it up about 6 months ago so not all is lost but it really sucks.

I went to maxtor’s site, filled out my rma info and a replacement drive is on the way. If only they could replace the two years of ripping audio CD’s and the 3 weeks of studio tracking I lost.

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I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hit the part about losing 3 weeks of tracking work. I knew there was a reason you backed us up every single day.

Didn’t you???

Seriously man that sucks. 🙁

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