Death metal project setup day

You know how hard it is to find a certain cable, adapter, pair of headphones, amp, speaker, mic clip bla bla bla… when your gear has been in a storage unit for 3.5 years? Hard. Add to that the fact that it’s zero friggin’ degrees here and I’m not kidding. It really is zero.

I ended up finding bin after bin of cable. Thousands of feet, tens of thousands of dollars worth of cable just sitting there in plastic bins. Rather than dig through them I just brought the damn bins to the gig in my van. Then I could search for just what I needed.


I was able to get setup fairly well, only had to make one cable for a set of cans.

I got cubase sx 2 on my MacBook working and managed to get levels through a Tascam FW1804 and Behringer adat mic pre box.

The setup will have about 12 channels of drum mics, plus a dummy bass track and initial guitar tracks. That’s what tracking will be on Tuesday, if the gear works.