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Jazz is not rap or 80’s cover tunes played with jazz instruments

The Red Door - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Red Door – Salt Lake City, Utah

The lovely lass and I decided we wanted to go out on the town last night.  We are always wanting to find some nice live jazz music to listen to.  We’d love to find a live jazz band playing some Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis, Count Basie, Dave Brubek.  This ain’t New York though.  It is Salt Lake.

We found a local club here in Salt Lake called the Red Door.  The Red Door is a martini bar downtown which boasts “live jazz” every Saturday night.  We were stoked to listen to some live jazz and, believe it or not, experience my personal first ever martini.

The atmosphere of the club was great.  Loved the mood lighting.  Very New York-like.  The martinis were frighteningly fantastic.


The live band looked the part.  A trio of acoustic standup bass, jazz guitar and a small drum kit.  The drummer was playing a Gretsch, my kit of choice.  The band also had the look, with their suit and ties…

But the music wasn’t jazz.  I didn’t hear one single bar of anything resembling swing.  Instead, the band was covering pop and rap tunes.  They played straight ahead 4/4 cover tunes of Doctor Dre, Macklemore, and from the movie The Breakfast Club, Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.

Not exactly John Coltrane.

We didn’t stick around long enough to see if they played Wang Chung.



If you’re looking for a great martini in Salt Lake City, check out the Red Door.  If you’re looking for great live jazz in Salt Lake, I’ll have to get back to you on that…

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Hope to make some music and perform more in 2012

2012 is here.  I’ve got the itch to bash the skins.  This coming year I’m hoping to do some composition, recording and most of all some live performances.

One problem… I’ll need a band.

Details, details.


Post 400 – Retarded Utah Liquor Law Was Ineffective As Usual

After retarded Utah private club law is removed and us responsible grown up people are “allowed” to drink without having to buy a “private club membership” (and do the Hokey Pokey), DUI arrests are lower by 400 over last year. Apparently the old private club law was a case of the predominant religion’s attempts to legislate their morality on us backfiring.

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News flash: Michael Jackson had lethal levels of drugs in his body… no shit.

I never saw the light with Michael Jackson and his whiny little girl voice. I also don’t see the fascination losers people have about him.

The big news today on the front page of is that Michael Jackson had lethal levels of some sort of drugs in his system.

Gee really? Ya think that’s why he died?

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Michael Jackson Dead

I really didn’t like Michael Jackson or his music.  I left town for a camping trip and came back to find he’d died.  Maybe I should go camping more often.

I felt sorry for the guy really.  He never had the chance to be a kid when he grew up.  He was thrown right into the spotlight and had to perform and tour at a very young age.  Later in life he tried to be a kid, but had the hormones of an adult.  Not a good combination.

He owned the rights to the Beatles and married Elvis’ daughter.  He really tried to be the King of Pop and whatever else he could.  Then he died, apparently just like Elvis, via a prescription drug overdose.  You have to wonder if that was actually his plan.

I for one am glad that chapter of the freak show is over.