Meshuggah Drum Tracks Via Sugary Treats

This video brought me out of audio blog retirement…

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David Maxim Micic

Another addition to my cool new music list. I’m into the heavy guitars and prog-rock writing, and minimal vocals.

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Chimp Spanner

Another cool band I just found: Chimp Spanner

Heavy guitars, keys, orchestral, not much vocal, produced very well, great drums with double bass.


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Alain Caron

Mental note. New musician I just discovered, a bass player named Alain Caron. Very cool jazz, funk with some great writing and great progressions. Just listening to the 2nd album right now.

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Band Looking for Studio to Record for Free

I swear not a day went by in my old studio life that I didn’t get a call like this.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.46.05 PM

The bands would always tell me they had x number of buyers ready to buy their CD and when they got paid for them, they would pay the studio time. My patented answer was always, “pre sell and collect the money first…”

That never happened.

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