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First Gig With the Old Band in Seven Years

Last night I played a gig with the old band. First one I’ve done since 2009. I haven’t played any drums since one fusion gig in 2010 and a jazz gig I did in about 2012. I had some worries

Meshuggah Drum Tracks Via Sugary Treats

This video brought me out of audio blog retirement…

Pro Sound Blog Goes Mobile

It has been a few years.  Time to put in a new template here.  I’ve installed a theme here which allows the site to be viewed with a clean look on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Now you can

Pro Sound Blog Makes Top Audio Engineering Blog List

Thanks to for listing this blog as one of the top audio engineering blogs.  Follow this link for the full list.

PSB now on new server

I’ve moved this site (and my many others) to a new and more powerful dedicated server.  Looks like things are working so far.  Now on a bug hunt…