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Hope to make some music and perform more in 2012

2012 is here.  I’ve got the itch to bash the skins.  This coming year I’m hoping to do some composition, recording and most of all some live performances. One problem… I’ll need a band. Details, details.

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Lost one of my favorite clients

Rest in peace Kristen Merrill. Kristen was one of my best and funnest clients back in the studio days. Below is the obituary, because they obituary sites are slime bags and charge money to keep the piece up for more

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Wow I stopped by my own blog here and realized I haven’t posted the entire calendar year of 2011. I have been doing a little playing, mainly on the Zendrum but some on the kit as well.  I’d like to

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I’m still alive

My posting here is dwindling yes. So are gigs in the audio engineering world, partly due to the economy and partly because I’m retired from that world. I’m playing some gigs, recording some albums and still around the music biz

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News flash: Michael Jackson had lethal levels of drugs in his body… no shit.

I never saw the light with Michael Jackson and his whiny little girl voice. I also don’t see the fascination losers people have about him. The big news today on the front page of is that Michael Jackson had

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