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Band Looking for Studio to Record for Free

I swear not a day went by in my old studio life that I didn’t get a call like this.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.46.05 PM

The bands would always tell me they had x number of buyers ready to buy their CD and when they got paid for them, they would pay the studio time. My patented answer was always, “pre sell and collect the money first…”

That never happened.

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Always carry around a bass drum mic, just in case

Last night one of my bands was playing a show in a dive bar.  I was horrified to find that the sound guy had a Sure SM57 microphone for the kick drum.  Anyone who has used even radio shack microphones knows that 57’s are for snare or guitar, and would totally suck for miking a kick drum.  When I asked about the mic he said,

That’s what we always use.

Fortunately for me, I always carry round some mics in my hardware case for my drum kit.  I was able to whip out a great kick drum mic and a stand for it, and the sound of the kick drum through their system was far better than it would have with a 57.

Always carry around a bass drum mic, just in case.

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Funeral for a not dead friend

Played a strange gig tonight. It was a fundraiser for a guy who is close to dying. He’s on oxygen, 20% lung capacity. He’s broke and the show was intended to raise money for this guy’s funeral. Brutal.


This guy is only 56 and he looks baaaaad. He really does look like he’s about to die. He’s damn near white as a ghost. No skin color. Then I realized why while loading my gear. Here’s this guy with 20% lung capacity, on oxygen, coughing his guts out… while having a cigarette. Amazing.

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News flash: Michael Jackson had lethal levels of drugs in his body… no shit.

I never saw the light with Michael Jackson and his whiny little girl voice. I also don’t see the fascination losers people have about him.

The big news today on the front page of is that Michael Jackson had lethal levels of some sort of drugs in his system.

Gee really? Ya think that’s why he died?