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RIP Jason Lamb

I’m extremely saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Jason Lamb, one of the most unique, talented, and crazy musicians I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Jason was a legend in the music equipment industry, having designed many

First Gig With the Old Band in Seven Years

Last night I played a gig with the old band. First one I’ve done since 2009. I haven’t played any drums since one fusion gig in 2010 and a jazz gig I did in about 2012. I had some worries

Jazz is not rap or 80’s cover tunes played with jazz instruments

The Red Door - Salt Lake City, Utah

The lovely lass and I decided we wanted to go out on the town last night.  We are always wanting to find some nice live jazz music to listen to.  We’d love to find a live jazz band playing some

Played a cool jazz/funk gig

I have a gig to write about!  Cool.  Haven’t played a show in about nine months and haven’t played the drums more than a few minutes since then. Got a call from a long time friend and guitar player to

After more than two years, the band effing rocks it again

It has been over two years since Johnnie, my loved bass player who moved to Portland, has been back to town.  On 12/23 Johnnie was in town for the Christmas holiday and the new version of the band was playing