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Categories are cool

Since my switch from the dreaded blogger lame ass blogging software to WordPress I’m now able to take advantage of some new features here.

I’m now working on categorizing all the posts. I have 8 categories currently:

Boneheads: A category dedicated to stupid people and the things they do.
Gear: Recording gear, musicial instruments, computers or any gear I deal with.
Gigs: Stories about my gigs or other peoples gigs.
Random: A blanket category when nothing else works.
Rants: When shit pisses me off I use this category.
Recording: Recording studio war stories, recording techniques etc.
Uncategorized: Means I have yet to decide what category to put the post in.

Now some posts may have multiple categories. For example: A dumbass musician jumps on my stage and plays my drums. He’s drunk and he breaks my snare head and won’t get away from my kit. That post alone could be a combined boneheads, gear, gigs, musicians and rants. I can already see that the boneheads and musicians categories will be selected together many times.

I’m about 25% of the way through categorizing the old posts so be patient.