Bye bye blogger… YOU SUCK!

Welcome to the fresh new Pro Sound Blog! I started having some feed problems a while back. Then I all the sudden had a 404 error on my main page. But the damn file was there and it checked out ok. Add that to the fact that it seems like I’ve spent half my blogging life waiting for the frigging blogger page while it says “publishing…. publishing…. publishing….” for fucking ever.

I’m now done with blogger. I’ve moved the site’s location to the root of this server and I’m now running WordPress. WP is the best blogging software out there. It is elegant and fast. It’s so much faster than blogger.

So there you go. I’ve spent this evening figuring out how to get all the posts from blogger to WordPress. Not too hard. I managed to salvage the comments too.

I look forward to much more blogging about drums, rock and roll, music, recording and dumbass musicians.