Rants SUCKS Part II

So in my previous article I told how my order with newegg was taking too long.

I sent in some emails complaining about their delaying processing of my shipment. I got a reply from their customer service stating that my item did ship Friday (yesterday). They informed me that it is company policy for it to take 24-48 hours to process orders. So what? They took 72 hours to ship anyway. For my inconvenience they’re going to credit me $15. That’s fine and dandy. But I still didn’t have the equipment I wanted to use LAST NIGHT.

The other problem with their shipping yesterday is that this is a 3 day weekend. So my $27.44 overnight shipping will take 4 calendar days to arrive.

Here’s their letter:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. After reviewing your account, we see that your order # 192XXX42 has been shipped on 9/2 with tracking # 7XXX2714561. Please note for future reference that it does take Newegg 1-2 business days to process an order. We do not guarantee the same day shipping.

However, due to this inconvenience, we would like to offer your a $15 credit to cover partial shipping fee. If the order has been delivered, please let us know, we will issue this credit back to the source of your payment method.

My response:

Your 1-2 business days ended up being 3 business days. And due to the fact that you shipped the day before a weekend which also contains a Monday holiday, the shipping will take 4 days. I paid for overnight shipping $27.44 and since you didn’t ship within YOUR OWN specified 1-2 days, that overnight shipping will take 4 days. That is bullshit. So my order which was placed Tuesday with a premium shipping price for overnight shipping will end up taking 7 total days to get to me. Though I appreciate the $15 credit to my visa card and will accept it, I still did not have the equipment which I intended to use last night. Instead, it will arrive 4 days too late.

These kind of policies and dropping the ball are what causes customers like me to take their business elsewhere. I spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on equipment and supplies for my several businesses, all bought through online retailers. I also have great influence through my industry connections and web presences, which enable me to “endorse” companies which I’m satisfied with. After this experience certainly would not be on my list of endorsements, quite the opposite.

There you have it

Make your own conclusion. does have some cheap prices. The question is whether or not the few bucks saved is worth the trouble of waiting longer for your order.

Keep in mind as well that my order hasn’t arrived yet. I have yet to make sure the correct items are in the shipment, and that I’m satisfied with their packaging and product…