Ok. I’m not only a golf fan, but I’m a rabid fan of my former university (University of Utah). I even started up a web site/blog/forum for UofU sports…. So tomorrow is the first football game of the year. I decided for my golf blog and the football season (and many other reasons) that I needed a teensy weensy digital camera. I opted for the Canon SD400.

I found a great price for the SD400 at I ordered it and a 1GB memory card Tuesday (the 30th of August). I really wanted to get it fast so I could get it in time for the big game tomorrow so I paid a whopping $27 for FedEx overnight delivery.

Today is the 1st of September, 2 days later. No camera. I go to their site and it says I’m done with step 1 of a 5 step order processing “process.” They’ve verified my billing address. Just great. So does that mean every freaking step takes 2 days? 5 steps X 2 days = 10 days. 10 days + $27 FedEx overnight = 11 days. I think not.

So I called their customer service (or lack thereof) department. After being on hold almost long enough to drain my phone’s battery, I talked to a human. She told me my order “might” ship tomorrow and since Monday is a holiday probably Tuesday. I asked her what is the point of paying 27 bucks for overnight shipping when the company delays your order for days and days. She said it was company policy. Hmmm. It’s company policy to piss off your customers? Perhaps company policy should be changed.

So I told her if my camera didn’t ARRIVE Friday (tomorrow), I’d cancel my order. Then she suddenly got friendly and said she’d “talk to the warehouse” and try to get them to ship today. Yeah right.

So here’s what I predict will happen. They’re not even going to ship it tomorrow. I’m going to go down to a local store and pay $75 more for the damn thing and then cancel my order. They’re going to tell me it has already shipped and I’m going to dispute the CC charges. That’ll show ’em.