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Crappy band stuffs ballot box

You know those local entertainment newspapers where each year they have a vote for the best local band, best female singer, best drummer etc? One year there was this shitty local band called Stone Pony (dumb name too). They stuffed the ballot box and had all their friends vote. So the awards ceremony went something like this:

“And the award for best band is…..Stone Pony”
“The award for best new band of the year is….Stone Pony”
“The award for best male vocalist is…..John from Stone Pony”
“The award for best bass player is…. Fred from Stone Pony”
“The award for best drummer is….Mike from Stone Pony”
“The best guitar player of the year is….Frank from Stone Pony”
“The best keyboard player of the year is…Chris from Stone Pony”
“The year’s best sound man is….Jason, the sound man for Stone Pony”
“The album of the year is…..Stone Pony”
“Best band to see live this year…Stone Pony”
“Best female vocalist of the year is….Sheila (girlfriend of someone in Stone Pony)”
“Best graphic design on an album cover is….Stone Pony”

One reply on “Crappy band stuffs ballot box”

Very lame. And not only a lousy band name, but an unoriginal one: the Stone Poneys was the name of Linda Ronstadt’s band, back in the mid- to late-’60s

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