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Apple releases multi button mouse 21 years late

Apple came out with the Mac in 1984. It’s now 2005 and they’re releasing their first mouse with more than one button: The Mighty Mouse

Way to go Apple. You guys are freaking pioneers, really.

And in true Apple fashion they’ve priced it right in line with all the other mice out there at $49.00. Ok, I’m an Apple freak. But come on Apple, why would I pay $49 for an Apple mouse when I can pay $5-10 for the equivalent from some other company?

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not trying to ddefend apple but they were the first ones to use a mouse in a personal computer.. Microsoft took that idea form them….
and they don’t really need to improve things every month.. look at all that Apple did in the past 25 years…
Graphical Enviroment, Mouse input device, Recicle Bin (LOL), MAC OS X, Design (Always the best in this area by far), Ipod (should I say more about this?)
Think about it

Actually Apple stole the whole GUI/mouse system from Xerox. But that’s not the point.

I love apple. My point isn’t that apple doesn’t make cool stuff, it’s that they should have done something more with the mouse 15 years ago. Apple gets a bit of a “holier than thou” attitude and sometimes can’t see the obvious.

I agree completely, MG. Apple tends to have a bad case of “not invented here” syndrome from time to time, and it was very visible in the case of the multi-button mouse (even though, as you point out, they took the mouse from Xerox/PARC – which did have a two-button mouse, if I recall correctly).

Of course, Microsoft didn’t have a clue as to what to do with the right mouse button at the start. But once Borland started using it to pop up a context-sensitive menu, and almost everyone (including Microsoft) followed suit, it became obvious that the second mouse button could be very powerful. But at that point, Apple clapped its collective hands over its ears, as far as the mouse was concerned.

I’m very happy to see them waking up on this point.

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