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I met John Doe last night!

Last night my pal Matt and I checked out the John Doe show. If you don’t know who John Doe is, then shame on you. He’s the bass player & male singer for one of the greatest bands in history: X

X was the original punk band. With killer tunes like “Los Angeles” and “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline” X was the anti disco, anti 80’s band.

I could go on about X forever.

So John Doe’s solo act was in town last night. We sat down at the table in the club and I saw a friend of mine named John (of course). I shook John’s hand and said hi to him and his wife. Then my pal Matt nudges me and looks over saying “dude, there’s John.” I say yeah, so what? “Dude, there’s John.” Yes man, I just shook his hand and said hello, what’s your problem? “Dude, there’s John” and he points and another guy sitting WITH my friend John…. It’s John Doe himself! I was sitting next to him and didn’t even know it!

So we shot the shit with JD for about an hour while his opening band played. The opening band was just his band, without him… Cool.

John’s show was stellar. He is SUCH a good song writer. His melodies and chord progressions are so amazing and original, just like they were in X. His voice is perfect….

Whatever “it” is, JD has it. Most good bands have a member in the band that has “it.” In X, JD was just one of four people who had “it.” I can only hope that a little tiny bit of “it” was transferred from John to me when I shook his hand…