That’s one way to get a good deal on SSL gear

Peter Gabriel and David Engelke Purchase SSL

June 18, 2005

Solid State Logic announced that the company’s assets have been acquired by a joint venture established by musician and technologist, Peter Gabriel, and broadcast industry entrepreneur, David Engelke. The company, which will trade as Solid State Logic, will continue to design and manufacture mixing consoles and related audio technology at its Begbroke, Oxford headquarters.

The principal investors bring considerable experience of both the company’s main markets: music recording and broadcast.

Peter Gabriel’s background as an artist is well known, but he has had a long involvement with technology. Syco Systems, which he co-founded, developed the ‘Tablet’, one of the world’s first purpose-built digital audio workstations. Real World Multi Media, part of Peter’s Real World Group, won awards for both technological and creative innovation. More recently, he has had success with OD2 (On Demand Distribution), now the leading European platform provider for the distribution of on-line music. At the same time his many years as artist and studio owner at Real World in Wiltshire have given him a passion for the possibilities of technology, and how it can serve and transform the process of music making and post production.

American David Engelke, formerly also an SSL console owner, has been involved with production and broadcast companies including Pinnacle Systems, Montage Group, and Digital Editing Services and invented several widely adopted technologies in the broadcast industry. Technologies developed by him and his engineering teams have earned them three EMMY Awards from the US National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and an OSCAR from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.