Bitch who turns out to be an inlaw

I had a last minute rush vocal job for this chick who called. She was in a big hurry.

I set her up in a sound room and did the recording. She was very impatient and never wanted to even give me time to set things up properly. She was a snobby, snooty, better than you kind of person who thought she was a hottie but she was hardly that.

When the recording was done it was time to mix. She didn’t have time to mix. She said “just throw it on a CD, I’m in a hurry.” I then informed her that if this project wasn’t mixed, it wouldn’t sound good. Simply slapping rough tracks onto CD would be for review purposes only. Not suitable for release to anyone. “Yeah, yeah. Just throw it on a CD.”

That was fine with me. It simply got that bitch out of my studio quicker.

That evening the phone rings and it’s the bitch. She freaks out on the phone about how terrible my work was. She goes ape shit over how bad it sounded. She insults me and tells me that my studio sucks.

You know you just can’t win. You try to explain to the bitch that the project won’t sound good until it is mixed. Then when you give her WHAT SHE AKSED FOR she insults you. No win situation.

I get home and tell my wife about this BITCH. My wife asks me what her name is… IT’S MY SISTER IN LAW!

She’s been on 2 or 3 TV ads here lately. I just about want to puke every time these spots come on. What a bitch.

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