I get the last laugh

Remember my problem with this crappy company called

They’re the assholes who sold me CDs that were so bad, some even had tire tracks in them:

The final report is in… I had tried to email, call, fax, send notes via pigeon to these assholes about getting a refund for the garbage the sold me. No reply.

So I called my credit card company and started up a dispute. They were cool and told me that my account would be credited provisionally while they investigate my claim. I gladly gave them awedeals’ phone number (which only has a message and doesn’t even give you the option of leaving a freaking message. Even if you could leave a message, they wouldn’t reply). I gladly gave them their mailing address. I gladly gave them their email address. I simply knew that if they tried to contact them at all, they’d get nowhere.

A couple of weeks later my bank informed me that I needed to ship back the bad product. No problem. I sent it off and gave the bank the tracking number. Then about two weeks later, the package I sent came back. These assholes at have f’ing the client over down to a science. Think about this: They don’t talk to you about returns. They simply have a standard email and page on their site instructing you to send your product back to a specific address, along with your order number. All these jerks do is simply refuse the returns.

I just got the final letter from my bank. After completing the investigation, my provisional credit is now FINAL! I can imagine what my bank went through. They probably tried to contact them a few times and just gave up.

So here’s a toast to I got the last laugh you assholes. I got my money back. If they haven’t already, VISA will soon be yanking your merchant account. If they haven’t already, I’m sure the Better Business Bureau will be contacting you. Actually, they’ll be attempting to contact you. Oh, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from the California State Tax commission. You see, me and a shit pile of your other out of state clients weren’t supposed to be paying California sales tax. Not only have you been illegally collecting sales tax from out of state, I’d be willing to bet that dough hasn’t found it’s way to the California state tax commission at all.

My friends and I have some work to do. We need to help keep other people from being screwed by Friends, and awedeals haters alike please comment on this post.

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Good job! The internet is so lousy with these fly-by-night fucks that it may seem like a drop in the bucket, but even getting one in trouble is a job well done.

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