New Music/Musicians List – January 2014

When I find music or artists I dig, I beat them to death listening over and over.  Then when those have run their course, I go on a new search.  Now I’m on a search.  I’ve been using Pandora and Spotify to find new artists.  The genres I like are tough ones to find new music.  I love jazz, progressive jazz, and progressive “prog” rock.

Sometimes I find cool new artists on Pandora or Spotify and forget about them.   So here I’m going to keep a list of cool music and musicians so I can find them later.  Here we go:

  • Janek Gwizdala – instrumental, spacey, jazzy.  Has several albums.  Only listened to one so far.

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Unfortunately live Jazz is getting much more difficult to find. Did you complain to the owner/manager? Letting them know what you had hoped for or expected wasn’t what you experienced.

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