Ordered 1200 Ritek CD-Rs from these guys. The order was placed on the 7th. I just got the discs today, 13 days later. Ok, that’s bad but that isn’t why I’m posting this.

Just look at these pictures:

Look at the dirt, dust & scratches on the discs above.

The obove disc has a freaking TIRE TRACK on it.

Scratches, pieces of plastic stuck to the discs above, and even chunks out of the plastic.

This disc above is great, isn’t it? I’m sure a client will be happy when I burn his project on this eh?


3 comments on “BUYER BEWARE of
  1. Everett says:

    Well, it says “DEAL” right there in the name …

  2. Saint Kansas says:

    Holy shit! A tire track!

    New ad campaign: “Our CD-Rs guaranteed 99 percent tire-track-free!”

  3. Oh my, THAT is hilarious (sad, but so ridiculous that it’s funny). I wonder how long it took them to collect 1200 discs off the side of the freeway…