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I listen to my iPod when I mow the lawn. With this new feature I may never finish the lawn..

“Portable MP3 players and other handheld media toys are this year’s must-have geek gadgets. The latest thing is Apple’s new-generation iPod — the iPod Photo — which does for pictures what the original iPod did for music. Now you can view individual images or entire slide shows in the palm of your hand at the tap of a button to beautify your dull commute or just to pass the time in the lecture hall.

Playboy has harnessed this latest digital innovation so some of our sexiest girls next door can be added right to your portable player. Simply download this free image gallery to your desktop from and upload it to your iPod Photo handheld device. If iPod Photo is “a feast for the eyes” on its own, it’s a veritable ocular orgy now that has dialed up the heat a few notches.”

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