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Saddened by death of Ventures guitarist Bob Bogle

My rock & roll band covers many Ventures tunes like “Hawaii Five-O” and “Walk Don’t Run,” “Wipeout,” “Penetration” etc.  There are no tunes more fun to play than those classic Ventures surf tunes.

Tribute to Bob Bogle

Bob Bogle, guitarist for the Venutres, died yesterday at 75.  Hats off, wine glasses up to you man.  Your plunky, reverberant guitar style is classic and influenced many guitar players.  And your sound with that Fender Jaguar guitar through a Fender Reverb Amp is one of the best guitar tones in the history of rock & roll.

My Ventures memory

Years ago my band opened for the ventures and the coolest club in town.  The place was packed and we had a GREAT time.  It was an honor to share the stage with such legends and to meet them.

It was hilarious during their rendition of Hawaii Five-O when the drummer was doing his solo on his gigantic kit with his black gloves.  The bass player’s amp went down and they were trying to figure out how to get it running again.  The drummer kept soloing and soloing.  He’d anxiously look at the bass player, who would throw his arms up in the air.  The drummer got the most classic looks on his face because he was shot but had to keep soloing…  Classic.

During that show I didn’t sit in the audience.  I sat on the stage, with Bob Bogle’s guitar amp sitting next to me.  I absolutely loved it.  Every time he’d do one of those plucky riffs where he slid down the neck of the guitar made me a giddy as an elementary school girl.