Boneheads is mega cool

Man what a cool web site for women called Don’t Date Him Girl @

It is a site for women to write about and rate the bad men they’ve dated. If you want some pure entertainment read some of the posts these women have written about their men. I’m not sure what is more pathetic, these lousy men, or the fact that these women stay with them for years.


“dated him for 5 years. He was nothing but drugged out the whole time. When I was sleeping he would steal my cell phone, my car and my money and go god knows where and wake up at some whores house. He lied and lied to me about having to work late but he was really sleeping with one of his managers. He also slept with 1 of my best friends and 4 other friends. He is nothing but a compulsive liar who will manipulate you to no end. Then when I broke up with him he stalked me and would break into my car and follow me when ever I went anywhere. STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!”

How pathetic or desperate is this person to stay with a guy for 5 years who was “drugged out all the time” and slept with all of her friends…