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Big project starts tomorrow

I’m engineering a big double album for a technical rock band. No doubt I’ll have some rants about it which I’ll post here. My schedule is going to be hectic.

My first “concern” came when I consulted with the keyboard player. He didn’t know what kind of “files” he had or much of anything. I asked him a few questions about the tracks he’s prepared in advance but all his answers were “I don’t know.” All he knew was that he had a Kurtzweil keyboard and just bought Apple’s Logic software. I get the joy of figuring out how to either export midi from Logic into ProTools and/or syncing ProTools with Logic. The catch is, the whole project will end up in Cubase 4.0 so any of that original conversion will be converted again. Converting the converted conversion…

I haven’t done a ton of OMFing but I will have after this. I just hope my OMFing doesn’t turn into OMFGing.