What a shitty day

Today has completely sucked, and it isn’t over. Let’s see why:

My fridge in my new condo is dead. So all my perishable food went bad. Gotta love the taste of rotten milk. For two weeks I’ve been living out of the freezer. They call me “Mr. Swanson.”

I have a bad back yet still help load the new damn fridge up FOUR flights of stairs. But wait, the idiot who is replacing the fridge “forgot” to measure the opening. The new fridge is too big. I then have to help them load the new fridge back down the four flights of stairs and I still don’t have a working fridge. “Can I offer you a warm beer? How about some chips and rotten dip?”

Oh nice. Looking out the window: IT’S SNOWING. F’n great.

My biggest client (a fortune 500 company) owes me a pile of money. Someone “forgot” to submit my bill to accounting for stuff I did at the end of February which cost me a bunch of out of pocket expense for materials. I’ve called them 2x a week for four weeks asking to confirm that they’d submitted my invoice to accounting. They assured me yes. So as of today, nearly 2 months later I still haven’t gotten paid. Yes I “loan” fortune 500 companies money.

Another client (probably a fortune 1000 company) also owes me and they “mailed a check” 10 days ago. That would have been when they were 60 days past due. No check yet of course. I “loan” fortune 1000 companies money too.

For the sake of argument, let us say that these companies have mailed my dough. I wouldn’t know, because the US Postal Service has screwed up my mail forwarding. I’m receiving mail from two companies in two different locations, none of which are mine. My mail? It’s probably in Bulgaria.

A collection agency called me this morning. Woke me up in fact. They want to collect the $432 for the “leased equipment I failed to return when I cancelled my comcast account.” One problem. I didn’t cancel my comcast account. In fact, I’m still using said equipment. Comcast just told me to “ignore” the collection agency. It’s hard to ignore someone who calls you every five minutes and wakes you up. That has now supposedly been fixed.

WOA what was that? While writing this I just heard a big crash boom bang… My huge tool set in the closet just fell over spontaneously.

I just checked and it isn’t Friday the 13th… hmm. I wouldn’t recommend anyone come near me right now.

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