Comp USA closing 105 stores. Karma baby.

The big box goes down

Comp USA is closing 105 stores. Gee I wonder why?

If you are in the need of some terrible products and the worst customer service on the planet, you’d better get down there soon. Better hurry so you can take advantage of your final opportunity to be ignored on the sales floor.

The little box

The big box of computer stores is going down. Hmmm… This is a chance for the little box to gain some ground, which is good.

One reply on “Comp USA closing 105 stores. Karma baby.”

The big box store isn’t good for anyone except the stock holders .
Comp U.S.A. failed for a whole bunch of reasons but its good to see them go-now what happens ? maybe a Ma & Pa store where they know you and you know them ?? Geez what a concept.
You don’t want to know who owns Guitar Center this month or week because it isn’t a pleasant surprise .

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