Piano session

My first session at the big studio went pretty well. It was a baptism by fire. It was a relatively easy project though, mic up the grand piano and record about 10 tracks of piano.

The toughest part for me was trying to navigate around Pro Tools. I haven’t used that system for a long time and the keyboard shortcuts I don’t remember. I’ve gotten used to the way Nuendo/Cubase/Logic and a zillion other DAW’s work, you know sensibly. Pro Tools may be the industry standard but there are some really lame ways things have to be done. I may end up with a whole new category here: “Pro Tools sucks because.”

Anyway I finished up with the guy and only needed help from the owner with a couple of issues or I would have been fine on my own.

I sit in on a few sessions for training next week. There are some orchestra setups which will be good for me to learn. Also I hope to get more time on the board so I can continue my crash course in Pro Drools.