Possible engineering gig

I pretty big studio around here has contacted me. They may be the 2nd or 3rd biggest studio around here. It seems the studio’s “manager” was in a band I recorded a few times and likes my engineering skills. They want to hire me. Since I shut my studio down in 2003 I’ve done a few recording gigs here and there but nothing much.

Why this sounds good

The good thing about working for a bigger studio would be that I’d be an “engineer” and not the all-encompassing “owner.” I’d be able to just work the board and not worry about bookings, billing, cleaning the toilets, clients who bounce checks etc.

Why it may be a trying gig

This is a pretty “conservative” place. I’d have to bite my tongue. Much of the material I’d be working with would not be my cup of tea. But then again I wouldn’t have to be gagging down on gangsta rappers saying “motha fucka” so that’s not all that bad.

The place is also a bit of a drive.

But, it’s a gig and I could use one right now.