Random Rants Recording

Sorry lady I just can’t do this gig

Man there are times when you just need to bail. This is one of them. This client is the pickiest pain in the ass I’ve had all year and for what? So I can try to make this junk play? You gotta be kidding.

I should have bailed when she brought in the 8 track with BUILT IN SPEAKERS and no line outs.

Gig description

Fix 8 track tapes. Break open the shells and then splice together tape more frail than Karen Carpenter’s remains in the hopes it doesn’t just fall apart again.

Transfer fixed 8 track tapes via player with no outputs to CD. Oh what just put a mic in front of the speakers on the 8 track? Oh man.

For good measure transfer an old 78 from 1963 which has creases in it and only plays about 3 seconds before it goes haywire.

All this while the picky client is asking millions of stupid questions…

Kill me.