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Collecting from musicians

One of the things….nightmares….I’d tried to forget about dealing with bands was getting paid. That’s one thing I haven’t missed in my sound engineer retirement.

With the completion of the metal project I’ve had to relive the nightmare. This band has 3 guys and each of the 3 is chipping in his share, supposedly. Band guy #3 keeps “forgetting” to bring his check book or money for me. It sucks to have to collect at all, but having to collect from 3 different people is a pain in the ass.

Bands should have a “representative” who covers all of that and if some band member didn’t bring his checkbook the representitive covers his ass and not me…

UPDATE: Just to be clear I didn’t start this job until I got half the dough up front. I never start jobs like this until I have a deposit. That’s what working with musicians for 25 years will do to you.

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Unfortunately, It’s not just musicians…

Even when I was broke, I ALWAYS paid my bills and actually tracked people down to pay my debts. Perhaps that’s why I want to punch people in the neck when they pull that “oh, I forgot” shit…

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