Blog Tag… heh ok I’ll play

Vicious Summer hit my last post with a “blog tag” comment. It’s like one of those chain letter junk things you get in your email but this time I’ll bite because I like her and it’s an interesting idea.

So I have to blog “5 things you didn’t know about me” and tag 5 other blogs I guess. Fine, I’ll play.

Hmm. This is going to be harder than I thought…

1. I’ve never had a job, a real job. Never punched a time clock. Never worked for “the man.”

2. I recently turned down a deal that could make me over $1.2 million bucks.

3. I like my food so hot (spicy), even the mexicans in the mexican restaraunts can’t believe it.

4. I’m an Atheist. In fact I despise organized religion.

5. I’ve never had a one night stand.

OK. There you go. Now here’s who I tagged:

GolfChick, Alan, Luke, Eat, Addix

3 replies on “Blog Tag… heh ok I’ll play”

Living where you do tends to contribute to #4 for many people, mg. Though I grew up there, and almost all of my close friends live there (along with most of my siblings), I start to go a little crazy when I spend more than a few days up that way. Organized religion is much less a dominant force in the culture here in central New Mexico; it is a lot more comfortable for atheists, Buddhists, and others whose sense of morality and spirituality is more personal than hierarchical. (Of course, Catholicism plays a prominent role in the long – and somewhat bloody – history of the Spanish here; also, organized religion is much more central in small-town New Mexico. Nonetheless, in the Albquerque-Santa Fe area, it rarely you can pretty much ignore it.)

#1 is pretty cool; I’m envious. I spent 20 years as an employee (the first three in the military), but the last six years – as an independent contractor – have been vastly more satisfying (personally, if not always financially).

#3 works for me as well. Fortunately, much of the Mexican food here in New Mexico tends to be significantly spicier than not only most Mexican food in this country, but even most food in Mexico. Do you remember Taco John’s, down across from the Century Theaters? When I was in high school, I used to go down there for tacos, and load them up with their hottest sauce. It brought tears to the eyes, but damn, it was good.

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