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Eddie Van Halen auditions for Iron Maiden

Eddie Van Halen (Left) is auditioning for a position in Iron Maiden. The legendary guitarist isn’t looking for a guitar gig though. He’s looking to replace the Iron Maiden mascot (right). Ironically Iron Maiden’s mascot’s name is….. Eddie.

Eddie Van HalenEd

3 replies on “Eddie Van Halen auditions for Iron Maiden”

Personally, I find Eddie (the guitarist) much more frightening than Eddie (the mascot). What the fuck happened to EVH??

Had to register just to comment on this one.

I’ve read a lot of the comments you put on this site, and for the most part agree w/ your
issues. It sucks to be self-employed and not get paid. This site is full of instances of
musicians stupidity.

But if you are the asshole who first published this comment RE: EVH vs Eddie Maiden,
then you are a total loser and should be punched out. Who the fuck are you to belittle
a guy with cancer worldwide on the net that basically invented modern rock and roll?

What a stupid post, and whoever wrote this trash should have his ass kicked. If it’s you,
hopefully you will delete this. It is offensive, and very un-professional for a
“sound engineer” which you purport to be to make this type of commentary.

A further suggestion to you might be to get deposits for your work, and dont complete
mixdown till you are paid. From what I see as both a musician and business owner, the
real bonehead on this site is you.

Woa struck a nerve with that one eh?

Since when did being a sound engineer and being “professional” come hand in hand? I’d think they’re practically opposite with all the bonehead engineers I’ve met.

Did the tounge cancer eddy had cause him choose such bad habits like chain smoking, countless drugs, booze and myriads of other ways of trashing his body? Did the tounge cancer cause him to pick that set of rags he’s wearing in this picture and not comb his freaking hair?

During an interview with Howard Stern on Sirius satellite radio channel 100 on September 8, 2006, Eddie claimed that holding a metal pick in his mouth 12-14 hours per day while immersed in the electromagnetic radiation of his music studio caused his tongue cancer (despite this seeming scientifically unlikely). He said he continues to smoke because “cigarettes didn’t cause the cancer”.

I’ll leave the post up thank you very much.

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