Back in the gig rotation…

I’m back in the gig rotation… Looks like I have gigs lined up for the next few weeks now. That could be good, given my newly updated marital status…

The sad part is that I said goodbye to my bass player of over 20 years a few weeks ago. He moved to Portland. He and I have shared some of the most crazy, amazing, fun, insane events a musician could imagine. From strippers bearing it all to the band, to bar fights, to big time bands who are tripped out on cocaine we saw it all.

So there’s talk of a new bass player for us who is female. Hmmm. Dream situation is the new bass player is hot as hell and digs me. I’ve done many gigs with a hot female in the band, usually the singer. It’s more than OK from the drummer’s perspective to get a gander at a great ass for a few hours and play rock & roll drums to boot. Ok dream on….

Perhaps the most interesting nugget is that the current fill-in BP is on the state’s registered sex offender list for some “activities” with underage girls. Terrific. The singer warned me “no child molester jokes.” Oh, ok I’ll try to control myself.

I’m sure some kind of nutty report will follow after tomorrow nights’ gig.