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New friend. Should post more

Well as many of you know I have several golf sites I work on. One is a blog that is HUGE. I just opened my 4th golf site this month so I’ve been slacking on making posts here. Trust me, I have plenty of material. I’ll get back to it.

I have a new best friend! He happens to be the engineer for Al DiMeola. If you don’t know who AD is, especially if you are a guitar player, then shame on you. AD is one of the top guitar players in history. I’d say his trademark is his lightning fast licks with extremeley staccato notes. No one can play tight, crisp staccato notes like AD.

My autographed AD photo is on the way thanks to my new buddy. I hope to get to know him much better and maybe some day meet him and Al and even sit in on a session. That would be major.

Hey Al… Need a drummer? I’d KILL to play some tracks on one of your albums. I only charge room and board 🙂

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What Up? Next Album we do in the studio you are the first one I will call to do pre-production with me and Al Di… It is the hardest part of putting an album together, mostly setting up for Sessions and watching Al Di Meola write, which is amazing by the way. I get to watch, listen and record him create these amazing pieces… As being an Engineer yourself it is not always the greatest but the hard times are worth it when you are working with a genius…. I am starting a new project in my studio working with a hip hop artist using soft synths for beats and the KORG Karma into Pro Tools. Al is leaving for a tour of Europe and hopefully the Album will be completed soon so look for it real soon!!! Hope all is well!!!!!


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