How fast can you beat it?

Back in the old days at my favorite drum shop (no longer around), my buddy had a drum pad there with a pair of sticks. Drum customers would grab the sticks and play that pad as fast as they could for 60 seconds and challenge the drum salesman. Very seldom did anyone beat the drum salesman in this speed duel. I may have once or twice.

Now there’s a box you can pick up which can measure up to 99,999 strokes over time to measure how many strokes you can actually play. There’s even a world wide contest called the WFD (world’s fastest drummer). The contest even has it’s own babes, “the girls of WFD.” Maybe if I enter the contest I can get a babe. I might be able to beat it even faster with the help of the “girls of WFD.”

The world record is held by Mike Mangini, with 1,274 strokes in 60 seconds.