Pro Sound Blog Forums Hacked

Some asshole from Turkey of all countries has hacked into the forum section of Pro Sound Blog and put his stupid ass “hacked by….” shit in there. He has nuked all the users and posts. He has also nuked my administrator info so I can’t even login to try to fix the site. I can try to find a backup from as recent as I can and restore it but I’m thinking of bailing on the forums. The real action here has always been the blog. In the 11 months or so I’ve done PSB forums there hasn’t been any substantial growth or new users. So unless I find an easy way of restoring the forum section, it is gone.


3 replies on “Pro Sound Blog Forums Hacked”

Man, that’s annoying as hell. Some people really need to get a life. I, for one, would be sad to see the forum go — but of course, I can certainly understand if you decide to kill it.

I’m checking into reviving it. I’ll have to do a complete reinstall of the software and restore the database. The last DB backup is about 10 days old so there wouldn’t be much missing IF I get it back.

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