Boneheads Musicians

Lyrical genius

I’ve heard thousands of original lyrics from musicians you’ve never heard of and never will. There are tons of terrible lyric writers out there let me tell you. But sometimes the material some clients create is absolute magic.

Here’s the chorus from song one of my genius client’s album:

“People suck
They suck poo poo
People suck
They suck doggy doo doo”

Absolutely amazing.

Now here’s the chorus from song two of my genius client’s album:

“I wish I was dumb
I wish my brain was numb
Then I’d be happy
Then I’d be havin’ fun”

I’m in complete awe of the incredible literary and lyrical genius I’ve witnessed.

How about this stellar verse from a group of Italian rappers. Yes, Italian rappers.

“Oh mamma mia
My mouth’s got diarrhea
Gonna burn baby burn
Like a dick with gonorrea”

Wow. Amazing.