Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass is a stink spray in which the maker says has an authentic “butt crack smell.” My first thought is “damn I’m glad it’s authentic. I’d hate to have an inauthentic butt crack smell.” Then I thought “how would one know it is authentic, unless one knows first hand what an authentic butt crack smells like?” I digress…

This would be a useful spray for the studio after one of those all night sessions when we need to “freshen” up things a little.

Liquid Ass would also be perfect for covering up the odors in the “band van.”

Perhaps the best use might be for masking some of the odors coming from the band’s groupies….

2 replies on “Liquid Ass”

I ordered a bottle of this stuff. I’m not sure if it’s a butt crack smell or not. But if you put it in their van there’s no way in hell they would be driving it! I hosed down a stairwell at my college. People actually turned around and found a different way out of the building! I could not imagine Liquid Ass in a van.

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