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Even God bounces a check now and then…

Remember this post I made giving you 4 reasons to stay out of the recording business? I have another reason.

I just did a gig for the Marshales Assembly of God Church here in town. They were desperate to get a bunch of discs done before their choir went “on tour.” I really helped these guys turn a terrible recording and graphics nightmare into a marketable product they could sell at their gigs. I put in a ton of extra time at no charge (God, do I get credit for that later?).

So I’m checking out my business account online to see if I have any dough and guess what? Their freaking check bounced. Just great. How tough are times when even God bounces a check on you?

That isn’t the end of the story either. I called “Pastor Raymond” about the check and he told me I could run it through again because the money is there. OK great. One problem: my bank (Wells Fargo) has lost the check.

One reply on “Even God bounces a check now and then…”

Man, I am embarrased for my denomination and that church for you. Nohow,noway should that check have bounced. And if I had been that pastor, I would’ve profusely apologized and got in my car to hand deliver you a money order or cash.

I hope you finally got your compensation.


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